Thursday, November 13, 2008

New York, New York

I've lived in Los Angeles for thirty years, but in my heart, New York will always be my home. Here's one reason why...


Len Wein said...

These photos are from before even MY time (Thank Heaven) but, boy, did they evoke memories.

Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane.

Unknown said...

Thanks. You nearly brought to tears with that one. Nostalgia is becoming a lifestyle for me as I get older

rob! said...

man, do i love those posters. it STILL looks like the future to me.

but i'm confused--those photos looks so cool, so classic, but Sarah Palin told me that New York isn't Real America!

Connor said...

Interesting, I've never been to New York but hope to sometime in my life.
I'm 17, and dont read as many comics as I used to, but I remember
the stigma New York had on me in the Spider man comics your wrote in
the late 80s.