Friday, October 24, 2008

Almost Settled In

Well, we've completed the move to our new house -- and escrow has closed on our old house -- which means, in our obsessive-compulsive way, we're almost settled in. We've had new hardwood floors put in upstairs; we've had new built-ins built-in downstairs; we had our painter paint the built-ins and the home theater installer install our home theater; we're having our painter paint our guest room and our daughter's room; we've had our paintings and posters hung; I've unpacked my office, set up our computers, networked our TiVos, powerline-wired our house, wired our wireless router; hired a gardener, a fountain guy (don't ask), and contracted with the alarm service; picked up dry cleaning at our old dry cleaners and committed myself to finding a new dry cleaner in our new neighborhood; picked up mail at our old mailbox place and committed myself to finding a new mailbox place; found out that a tree in our back yard has a root fungus and probably will have to be cut down; found out that the tree on the curb outside our house needs to be trimmed before another limb comes crashing down, but the city owns the tree and won't come out to trim it, which means we'll have to trim it ourselves on our dime but we can't let them know about it because it's their tree; found a great new pizza place (new to us anyway) down the block from our new house; and it's only been five days since we moved in.

Wonder what next week will be like...

Till then, something to make us all realize that minor disasters can be pretty funny, as long as they happen to someone else: - Watch more free videos

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Connor said...


Funny video! I, myself, just finished moving again and it
sure is hectic. Thankfully,
I have my guitar to turn to,...