Monday, June 30, 2008

Wall*E... 'Nuff Said

What can I say? I saw it this weekend with Karen and Rachel and some friends, and I loved it. The storytelling was smart and smooth, the character designs and animation were, as always, first class. Wall*E and Eva were as well developed as two non-speaking characters can be, and while I never quite choked up, the way I have at some other Pixar films ("Toy Story 2," all right?), I did feel a pang or two when things looked bleak for Wall*E near the end. All of which is to say, I had a good time.

Karen and Rachel, not so much.

Both of them thought it was just okay.




rob! said...

i just saw Wall E, and i think it might be Pixar's best movie ever--the scope of it is so huge, the characters well drawn (in every conceivable way) and it works as a bona-fide sci-fi film. a little less cute robot love and this could've been made in the 70s with bruce dern or somebody.

also, the short, Presto, is nothing short of perfect. if WB ever wants to start making Bugs Bunny cartoons again, ask the Pixar guys to do it--they've got it DOWN.

Unknown said...

Best movie I've seen all year.