Friday, May 16, 2008

Free-for-all Friday: Webcomics I like

Just squeaking this update in under the wire.   Whew!

Couple of recommendations, under the heading of webcomics I like.  First off, we have Extra Life by Scott Johnson:

Next, there's You'll Have That by Wes Molebash:

And finally, last and hardly least, the ever-popular Penny Arcade by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik:

All are lots of fun, and Extra Life sponsors a couple of great podcasts, also hosted by Scott Johnson -- Extra Life Radio and The Instance.  Scott's a funny guy, a natural radio personality.  Check out the shows, check out the comics.

(Oh, and about a post I made earlier this week, recommending the British science-fiction show Primeval:  I still recommend the first series, episodes 1-6, but I'm about half-way through the second series of seven episodes, and so far, I have to admit I'm very disappointed.  Almost everything I liked about the first series is missing from the second.  I can only assume the producers were pressured to make changes, and it's a damn shame.  Unless they manage to turn things around in the last four episodes of series two, and that doesn't seem likely, I'll have to take this show off my recommendation list.  Though I still think the first series is very good, the second series is a complete botch.  So far.  Sigh.)

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